triad dj profile

by Ryan Snyder

DJ handle: Rasputin

What it means: I always thought Rasputin was one evil, badass mofo during the Russian revolution. He was tenacious and almost unstoppable.

Real name: Andy Head

What I play: Heavy, evil drum and bass or drumstep. You may catch me playing any genre at any given time, but I like to put a l’il dark, evil twist on it.

Catch me at: Facebass at Club Orion (Greensboro), Monday Mayhem at Brewski’s Tavern (Greensboro), the Bassment (Cornelius) and in my studio.

Upcoming shows: May 12 — Survival Saturday at Katmandu in Raleigh, May 22 — Headbanger’s BBQ at the NC Music Factory in Charlotte, and June 16 — Facebass at Club Orion in Greensboro.

Got in the game: I was given my tables in 1997.

Why I do it: I always loved to entertain and to be in control of the vibe/atmosphere, and I have always had a vast knowledge of music.

Influences: Way too many to list, but I must say ND-Skyz, Digital Rapport and the rest of my Charlotte crew. You know who you are. I miss and love you guys, Lankey (my brother and partner in crime), Nemo, Slyde, Estro, Oopy, Dagga, RedStar and LunaJade, Ndoe, Chris Hoffman and last but not least my Mad Influence (who signed me to Hyperformula Ent.). I am sure I have left some off I apologize!

First pro gig: I don’t remember, but more than likely Mythos in Charlotte.

Studio work: I am in there about every other day cooking up something.

Favorite technique: Long mixes, a l’il scratching and crazy good with all types of effects!

Signature mix: Evil Doctor Day, but it might change tomorrow.

Personal playlist: Beastie Boys (RIP MCA) and once again, way too many to list. You may catch me listening to anything except pop country and R&B.

Favorite albums: Red Hot Chili Peppers — Uplift Mofo Party Plan, Beastie Boys — License to Ill, Johnny Cash — At Folsom Prison, any Pinetop Perkins. I could go on for days. My gear: Technic 1200s, Pioneer DJM 500, Serato, Pro Tools HD, MPC 2000, Kaos Pad, and an array of keyboards. Website: DjRasputin, nc,

I’d like to add: I run a little studio called Head Records and if anyone wants to record feel free to hit me up. I would like to say thank you to all the promoters, venues and bars, but most importantly my fans and the people who come out to support and shake a l’il something, I couldn’t do it without you. I can’t forget to say thanks to my mom and dad, and to my lovely girlfriend Amy Brown for putting up with all the long crazy nights and the many times the walls are shaking in the house. Winston-Salem needs to show some support for EDM (electronic dance music)!