triad dj profile

by Ryan Snyder


DJ handle: TruPain

What it means: “TruPain” is what makes love happen. You have to experience true pain to know what true love is. “Pain is inevitable; suffering is optional” — Pein, Naruto

Real name: Desmond Bennett

What I play: I specialize in any form of drum-and-bass, but I can also play dubstep, house, breaks, fidget and a little hip hop.

Where do you play regularly: Club Orion, Brewskis Tavern and the Clubhouse

Got in the game: Approximately two years ago.

Why I do it: I have loved drum-and-bass since I was about 18 years old. Since then, I’ve followed really good friends of mine when they started DJing and figured my next step in being the ultimate fan was to play with the music I love.

Influences: Initially, I was influenced by Dieselboy back when I first got his album, System Upgrade. It was my firestarter and by the time I actually got into spinning records my BIGGEST influences where my friends. They taught me everything I know and even gave me records and turntables to practice on, not to mention their undying support. These people were 1adam12, Freddy “Deafrent” Swinney, Jason “Crewless” Honeycutt and Teresa “Tsweet” Perkins. The rest of my Facebass fam continues to teach and inspire me on a daily basis. They know who they are.

First pro gig: I opened for DJ Icey at Greene St. on Oct. 2 2010.

Studio work: I’m currently not much of a producer. Studio time usually consists of me making mixes on my computer but from time to time I dabble in producing with my crew and help them put a track together. The producing thing is well on its way; it’s just been a slow, very involved learning process.

Favorite technique: Being able to spin vinyl records without headphones. I learned from Crewless that you know never know what situation you’re going to end up in so you have to be able to think on your feet and improvise.

Signature mix: I’m proud of all my mixes, but I have to say the best one I’ve made to date is called The Cell Games. It can be found at

Personal playlist: Mainly just electronic music or anything soulful: hip-hop, jazz, funk bands, cover bands. Basically anything that comes from the heart, as opposed to the trash that typically comes on the radio.

Favorite albums: Pretty much all of Dieselboy’s albums — Soldier Story, System Upgrade, The Sixth Session, Dungeon Master’s Guide, The Human Resource, any of A Tribe Called Quest’s albums and Get Rich or Die Tryin’,

My gear: I prefer to use Technic 1200s and Pioneer CDJ 800s

Website: and

I’d like to add: For all of those that want to get into making music, spinning records or anything involving the EDM scene, this isn’t easy. You’re not going to learn it all in a day or a week or a month. Remember it’s about music and love. If you have those two things with you at all times you’ll go far, not just DJing or producing, but with everything you do in life. Be loyal to yourself and your loved ones and your life will always be beautiful.