Twin City Stage Returns to Its Roots

(Last Updated On: March 6, 2017)

Twin City Stage is returning to its roots.

Twin City Stage announced that will change its name and brand back to The Little Theatre of Winston-Salem (LTWS) — the historic identity of the community theater for most of its existence — to better reflect its commitment, size, and connection to the Winston-Salem area.

“The most important part of this name change are the words Winston-Salem,” said Connie Quinn, Executive Director.  “We want to renew and solidify our connection to the community, and we believe that our original name ties us to the rich artistic heritage of Winston-Salem.”

The name change option surfaced during a series of meetings over the past year when the board came together to discuss the theatre group’s long-term vision with independent consultants. “After an outside review of the organization and a survey of our patrons by independent consultants, our original name kept rising to the surface.  People preferred The Little Theatre of Winston-Salem, and most continue to refer to us as The Little Theatre, so we felt we should to listen to our patrons,” said Michelle Welborn, the 2016-17 board president.

Beyond the name change, the theatre group set a vision to focus on offering more professional-quality plays and musicals with the help of hundreds of talented and dedicated local volunteers of all ages. To that end, the theatre group will seek to offer more diverse play selections, performance venues and training opportunities.  It wants to be known as the theatre not too big to be approachable and responsive to community interests and preferences, yet not too small to expect high quality entertainment.

“This name change will better reflect our commitment to truly being the theatre for the community and by the community,” said Welborn. “We will maintain a focus on offering classes and camps for children and teens, ensuring a bright future for live theatre both on-stage and in the audience.”

As the oldest performing arts organization in Winston-Salem, The Little Theatre of Winston-Salem has presented professional-quality community theatre since 1935.  LTWS renamed itself Twin City Stage in 2009. In 2011, the theatre company merged with The Children’s Theatre of Winston-Salem.

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