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Tyler Perkins – Triad Karaoke King


“If you can do what you love, and get paid for it, you’ll never work a day in your life,” said Tyler Perkins about his life as an owner/operator of Get Vocal Entertainment Triad.

Four years ago, Tyler Perkins was in Asheville singing karaoke at a popular bar. The karaoke DJ noticed how well Tyler could sing and work the crowd, so they offered him a job as a part-time karaoke DJ.

While Tyler was working the karaoke circuit, the owner of Get Vocal Entertainment Asheville, Cory Short, took notice of Tyler and hired him as his full time karaoke DJ alongside Caleb Johnson, winner of American Idol season 13. Tyler was on a high, doing what he loved.

Unfortunately, Tyler’s stepfather, who lives in Winston Salem, fell off the back of his Pepperidge farm truck and tore his shoulder. Tyler decided to walk away from his dream job, help his stepfather and his business.

Once his father was on the mend, Tyler stayed in Winston because he “loved the city, the people, and knew there wasn’t a rival company that could compete with us. (Get Vocal Entertainment)”

Tyler was given an amazing opportunity to buy into the Get Vocal Entertainment franchise and begin his own journey as a business owner in Winston-Salem.

Get Vocal Entertainment has been in business for over 20 years. The reason he franchised is because all of the karaoke and DJ music is licensed. Which means they do not use You Tube to source the music and they update current songs every week. The last thing Tyler had to do was put his stamp on the name, and Get Vocal Entertainment Triad was born.

Tyler bought his own equipment because he “wanted to set himself apart from the other DJ’s here in Winston.”

A month ago, Tyler was fortunate to have an investor help upgrade his equipment, which elevated him to another level. When he sets up in bars, people ask him, “ What band is playing tonight?” He says, “You are!”

Tyler’s drive for karaoke success stems from his love of singing. As a result of singing in talent shows from second until fifth grade, he knew that singing was absolutely something he wanted to do professionally.

Also, he believes that everyone should have the chance to express themselves through music.

“I want them to sound as good as they can. I will stand back and work all their highs, their mids, their lows, everything and tune them in, exactly as they want,” Tyler said. “I want everyone to feel like a rock star, but most importantly, I want everyone to have a good time.”

As a result of his passion for his customers and clients, Old Nick’s Pub in Lewisville was voted Triad’s Best Karaoke Night, with Tyler as their resident karaoke DJ.

“This is not a hobby to me, this is my business and my business is making bars/venues money and making sure my customers have a good time,” Tyler added.

Get Vocal Entertainment Triad is booking for the rest of this year and next year. You can find him on Facebook @djtylerperkins or visit for more information. Contact Tyler Perkins at or (336) 926-7429.