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by Mark Burger

DVD Pick of the week: A Study in terror (Sony Pictures Home Entertainment)

This forgotten 1965 gem was the first film to pit Sherlock Holmes against Jack the Ripper — and may well be the best.

John Neville plays the Great Detective and Donald Houston his Dr. Watson, prowling the fog-shrouded streets of 1888 Whitechapel in search of the elusive killer, backed by a rich supporting cast including Robert Morley (an utter delight as Sherlock’s brother Mycroft), Frank Finlay (as Inspector Lestrade), Anthony Quayle, John Fraser, Adrienne Corri, Cecil Parker and Judi Dench, here playing the ingenue.

Finlay (reprising Lestrade) and Quayle would return for Murder by Decree, the better-known, more star-studded of the Holmes vs. Jack the Ripper films, but there’s much to be said for this fast-moving, shrewdly written (by Derek and Donald Ford) and beautifully photographed (by Desmond Dickinson) mystery. It’s a little classic in its own right, and a must for Holmes buffs.

A Study in Terror is one of a series of rare titles available through Sony Pictures Home Entertainment’s new “Screen Classics by Request” series. Log onto for details. Each title retails for $19.94 plus shipping.

ALSO Available ’70s DRIVE-IN HORROR DOUBLEFEATURE (VCI Entertainment): A self-explanatoryDVD twin-bill ($14.99 retail) including the lowbudget1976 thriller Kiss of the Tarantula (rated PG)and Curtis Harrington’s enjoyable 1977 chiller Ruby(rated R), starring Piper Laurie (in the title role),Stuart Whitman, Janit Baldwin and Roger Davis. ALTITUDE (Anchor Bay Entertainment): KaareAndrews’ feature directorial debut sees a group ofteenaged friends on a collision course with destinywhen their private plane encounters supernaturalphenomena. The claustrophobic premiseand visual effects are okay, but characterization isrudimentary at best. This is yet another conceptthat might have worked better as a segment in amulti-story anthology format. Rated R. THE AUSTRALIAN STORY (VCIEntertainment): Maureen O’Hara and PeterLawford headline this 1952 melodrama ofmistaken identity, chicanery, heroism andromance, set against the backdrop of the 1910drought on the title continent. This marked thefirst Technicolor feature shot there, but it’s nogreat shakes. A minor work from director LewisMilestone, although the cast (including FinlayCurrie and the always-welcome Richard Boone)tries hard and there’s an impressive cattle stampedelate in the game. Originally released in theUS as Kangaroo. THE BIBLE STORIES (Sony Pictures HomeEntertainment): A pair of made-for-TV films dramatizingthe lives of Biblical heroes: Ben Crossplays the title role in “Solomon” (1997), co-starringVivica A Fox (as the Queen of Sheba), AnoukAimee and Max von Sydow; and Patrick Dempseyplays the title role in “Jeremiah” (1998), co-starringKlaus Maria Brandauer and the indomitable OliverReed. Each DVD retails for $14.94. CHLOE (Sony Pictures Home Entertainment):Director Atom Egoyam’s tale of sexual manipulationstars Amanda Seyfried in the title role, ayoung prostitute hired by Julianne Moore todetermine if husband Liam Neeson is beingunfaithful… but that’s just the beginning ofthe story. This English-language remake of theFrench art-house hit Nathalie (2003) is eroticand well-acted, but also emotionally distantand detached. Rated R. DEFENDOR (Sony Pictures HomeEntertainment): In an award-winning (and -worthy)performance, Woody Harrelson plays anunbalanced blue-collar working stiff who thinkshe’s a superhero and makes it his business to fightcrime and corruption — all the way to the top.This uneven combination of comedy and pathosis a nice try, but goes askew. Good supporting castincludes Kat Dennings, Michael Kelly, Elias Koteas,Clark Johnson and Sandra Oh. Rated R. THE DEMON (VCI Entertainment): An uncut,widescreen version of writer/producer/directorPercival Rubens’ puzzling, pedestrian 1979 chiller,involving kidnapping and a series of brutal murders.Jennifer Holmes and Cameron Mitchell headthe cast. Filmed in South Africa. Despite the title,it’s never clear if the murderer is of supernaturalorigin. Not that it matters. Rated R. “LOS ANGELES LAKERS: 2010 NBAFINALS SERIES COLLECTOR’S EDITION”(Image Entertainment): LA’s professional basketballfranchise notched the 16th title of its history,winning the championship in seven gamesagainst the Boston Celtics. The DVD boxed setretails for $79.98, the Blu-ray boxed set for $89.98. “MYSTERY SCIENCE THEATRE 3000”:VOLUME XIX (Shout! Factory): The latest selectionof episodes from the long-running, awardwinningseries sees the Satellite of Love crewriffing on such grade-Z schlock as Robot Monster(1953), Ed Wood’s Bride of the Monster (1955), DevilDoll (1964) and Devil Fish (1984). This boxed set,which includes a collectible Gypsy figurine andbonus interviews, retails for $69.97. THE ONLY WAY (VCI Entertainment): AJewish family (including Jane Seymour, in herfilm debut) seeks to escape from the Nazis in1943 Denmark in this earnest but curiously flat1970 melodrama, inspired by true events andfilmed on location. Rated G.RUST (Sony Pictures Home Entertainment):Corbin Bernsen wrote, produced, directed andstars in this earnest drama about a minister who,suffering a crisis of faith, becomes involved in ahometown mystery. By placing its faith-basedmessage in the context of the story, this is adecent attempt to expand the parameters of faithbasedfilmmaking. Rated PG. SHERLOCK HOLMES DOUBLE FEATURE(MPI Home Video): Well before A Study in Terror(see above), Sir Arthur Conan Doyle’s iconic literarycreation was immortalized in a series of popularfilms starring Basil Rathbone and Nigel Bruce asSherlock Holmes and Dr. Watson. This DVD twin-bill($19.98 retail) includes Sherlock Holmes Faces Death(1943), based on Conan Doyle’s The MusgraveRitual, and Sherlock Holmes in Washington (also‘43), which sees the Great Detective battling Axisspies during World War II. Both films were directedby series staple Roy William Neill, and all of themremain good fun. SONDHEIM! THE BIRTHDAY CONCERT(Image Entertainment): The title tells all in thismusical commemoration of legendary composerStephen Sondheim’s 80th birthday, hosted byDavid Hyde Pierce and filmed live at Avery FisherHall in New York City in March, featuring performancesby such luminaries as Mandy Patinkin,Bernadette Peters, Patti LuPone, George Hearn,Elaine Stritch and others. The DVD retails for$24.98, the Blu-ray for $29.98. “TAPOUT”: THE COMPLETE SERIES (ImageEntertainment): All 20 episodes from the entirerun (2007-’08) of the reality series, originally broadcaston Versus, following the “TapouT Crew,” whichfashioned apparel for Mixed Martial Arts (MMA)events and encountered various fighters, bothprofessional and amateur, on their travels. ThisDVD boxed set retails for $29.98. TORMENTED (IFC Films/MPI Media Group):After the suicide of the class misfit (Calvin Dean), aBritish prep school rocked by a rash of bizarre killingsof a supernatural origin in this visually arrestingcombination of black comedy and horror. Nicework by first-time director Jon Wright and first-timeleading lady Tuppence Middleton. Rated R. TOY STORY 3 (Walt Disney Studios HomeEntertainment): Pixar/Disney score again with thethird in the popular animated franchise, with TomHanks (Woody), Tim Allen (Buzz Lightyear), JoanCusack, Don Rickles, Wallace Shawn and JohnRatzenberger reprising their voiceover roles, joinedthis time by Michael Keaton, Timothy Dalton andNed Beatty. A pleasure for all ages. To date, themost successful animated feature in film history.Available as a single-disc DVD ($29.99 retail), atwo-disc Blu-ray ($39.99 retail), or as a DVD/Blu-raycombo pack ($45.99 retail). Rated G.“UFC” (Anchor Bay Entertainment): Theongoing series of devoted to the UltimateFighting Championship unleashes “UFC:Ultimate Submissions” ($19.98 DVD retail,$29.98 Blu-ray retail), a collection of 30 boutsfeaturing the heavy-hitting likes of GeorgesSt-Pierre, Kenny Florian, BJ Penn, AndersonSilva and others; “UFC 117” ($19.98 DVD retail)includes the world middleweight championshipbout between Anderson Silva and ChaelSonnen, the welterweight match between JonFitch and Thiago Alves, and more; “UFC 118”($19.98 DVD retail) boasts the UFC lightweightchampionship rematch between Frankie “TheAnswer” Edgar and BJ Penn.