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Wayward ‘Spirit’ Spotted at Wayward Brews

(Last Updated On: November 2, 2017)

Halloween has come and gone, but ironically yet unsurprisingly, at a bar in Winston-Salem, a seemingly stubborn spirit refused to leave after last call.

Amanda Leonard and her wife Melanie Leonard own Wayward Brews, located at 5078 Peters Creek Pkwy. On Nov. 1 around 9 p.m. (a.k.a closing time), the couple noticed something peculiar lingering at their bar. Amanda Leonard wrote in a Facebook message that the shape/light appeared on film around 9:20 p.m. and stayed around until probably about midnight.

“We had one of our employees working last night and we always check the cameras after close to make sure that everyone is OK and all the lights, T.V.’s, etc. are turned off,” Amanda Leonard wrote. “I had actually just left the bar while the employee was closing up. By the time I got home, my wife was like, ‘Ummmmm… babe…come look at this…what in the hell?’ So, I pull up the cameras and there’s an obvious mass sitting at the bar.”

At first, the Leonards were sure that the apparition was just a glare or a reflection of some sort. But, Amanda Leonard wrote, it shifted only within its “seat” and never faded or got brighter.  

“Pulling up more cameras, you could actually see that it wasn’t on the granite bar top,” she wrote. “It was ‘sitting’ in front of the bar like a patron would.”

The Leonards called one of their good friends who helps takes care of the bar, to see if he could drop by since he was still in the area.  Amanda Leonard wrote that when she sent him a screenshot of the apparition, his response was, “Oh hell no!  I don’t have a gun or a crucifix!” But, she wrote, he obviously went by anyway.

While on the phone with him, the Leonards watched their friend on their security camera and even though they could still see the “light/figure/blur as prominent as ever,” he said he could not physically see it while there.

“We guided him over to where it was, and you could actually watch him put his hand right through the shape,” she wrote. “He said it was really cold and weird. But he was still convinced it was a glare messing with the camera footage.  So he ensured that all the cooler lights were off (they were). No bar signs were still lit. The shape still sat in the chair. Our friend even went as far as to drape the bar top and chairs with towels to ‘prevent a glare.’”

Yet, the shape remained.

Amanda Leonard wrote that nothing her friend could do could make the shape leave, so he said they owed him a beer and “he got the hell out of there.”  The Leonards watched the footage a little more until they started feeling slightly obsessed. But eventually, the shape disappeared.

“Honestly,” Amanda Leonard wrote. “I don’t know what it is. I’m not trying to convince anyone it’s a ‘ghost’…but I’m also intrigued by it and believe anything is possible with the afterlife.”

The Leonards are brushing off the spookiness of the situation by blaming their employee, Taylor, for the apparition’s presence.

“She told us she tried an Ouija board for the first time for Halloween with a friend,” Amanda Leonard wrote. “So we told her she’s responsible for our new “guest” and she’ll have to cover its tab from here on out.”


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