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What Is Nitro Brew Coffee and Why Should You Care?

(Last Updated On: October 6, 2016)


Coffee lovers, want to get elevated to a new java experience? Get yourself some Nitro Cold Brew Coffee.

Why should you care? Because it’s amazing.

We spoke to Joey Burdette, co-owner of Twin City Hive for a demonstration and explanation: “Nitro Cold Brew is a method of extracting coffee from the bean. Typically, freshly roasted coffee steeps in room temperature water for about 18 hours, it’s filtered off and then poured into a nitrogen powered keg.” The coffee is then poured into a glass or cup at the tap at a specific PSI.

The result is a beautiful, cold coffee that looks like a stout beer, with a head on it! It tastes creamy, due to the foaming bubbles and actually tastes a little sweet, yet there’s no sugar or cream. Just a lovely chemical reaction.

It’s pretty robust and may not be for everyone. But if you’re a coffee lover, you’ll really like it. A lot of shops pour it on ice because it takes the edge off, but I like it “straight.” A few shops will serve it in a tulip shaped glass, which holds the bubbles a bit longer and makes it even more smooth (kind of like the right drinking glass for a beer).

To see it in action with Twin City Owner, Joey Burdette, head over to the YES! Weekly YouTube Channel.

Wanna go? It might take some looking but found nitro in Winston-Salem at Twin City Hive, Krankies, Ardmore Coffee; Urban Grinders in Greensboro should have it in the next week and Serendipity Coffee has a kegerator that travels throughout the Triad to different coffee shops.nitro_brew