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Greensboro resident Stacy Haines recently won a gold award for photography from the National Magazine Awards Foundation (NMAF). Haines, a Canadian native, returned to her hometown in Nova Scotia to work on a project titled “Everyday Getaway” in Canadian Home and Country. The article and photos documented the renovation of a rustic cabin belonging to Haines’ brother and is located on 200 acres of her parents’ Nova Scotia land. Her entire family participated in the renovation and Haines even produced the story. The cabin now serves as a place for her mother to paint. Haines photography mainly focuses on lifestyle, food and travel. “I’m just really moved by the visuals of the world,” she said. She has won several regional ADDY awards from the American Advertising Federation during her college days but this is her first national award as well as the first gold award given to Transcontinental Publishers, the publishers of Canadian Home and Country. “It’s really exciting to win in Canada since it’s my home country and it’s amazing to be honored for doing something that you love,” Haines said. Haines currently rents studio space at the Nussbaum Center for Entrepreneurship and works in commercial photography. Photography has been her passion for years but she has only been earning a living at it for the past five because she could not work in the United States. She attended school at Randolph Community College in Asheboro for photographic technology to be able to make a career of it. Haines’ future work will be taking her to Toronto, New York and Ireland this summer. Even though the award features her name she knows that she couldn’t have earned it alone. “In magazine photography it takes a team to make a project like this happen,” she said. — LC

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