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All the kids are doing it

Downtown Greensboro, Inc., the “non profit, economic development organization for Greensboro’s center city,” announced via e- mail last week that it has finally caught up with the rest of the reality-based community and established presences on both Twitter and Facebook. In the scant two weeks since it was established, DGI’s Facebook page has amassed 340 friends and made eight wall posts, mainly about up-andcoming downtown Greensboro events and businesses. It’s Twitter feed, at DowntownGSOInc, focuses, again, on events, businesses and news centered in and around the district. Sure, it’s boosterish and heavy on the PR, but isn’t that what DGI is all about? — BC

Winston-Salem Living sold

Winston-Salem Living has changed hands, with original owners Renee and Andy Honey relinquishing control to Arundel Capital Holdings, a Charlotte-based concern, according to the magazine’s new editor. A press release dated July 21 identifies Leigh Somerville McMillan as the new editor. The ownership change reportedly took place on July 9. Arundel Capital Holdings is owned by Greg Girard and Kyle Gearheart. The new owners indicated they will build on the Honeys’ legacy rather than undertake any major new departures. “We want the magazine to be a reflection of the community and all that’s going on in Winston-Salem and the lives of the people who live and work here,” Gearheart said in a prepared statement. — JG

Improper relations

Cmdr. Jeffrey Gordon has accused Miami Herald reporter Carol Rosenberg of multiple incidents of sexual abuse. Gordon sent a letter to the Miami Herald’s editor as a “formal sexual harassment complaint.” According to Gordon, Rosenberg has insinuated that he was gay, that he had sexual relations with his male interns and called Gordon as well as his colleagues and superiors and her peers in the press several derogatory names. Miami Herald executive editor Ander Gyllenhaal would not comment on the matter but stated that it was being investigated and the paper would not comment until they figure out what’s going on. Rosenberg is also declining to comment but many of her peers are defending her for covering a difficult story against the odds. While several co-workers and government officials have attested to Rosenberg’s aggressive reporting methods in the past, others think that the situation is just a misunderstanding that’s been blown out of proportion. Gordon says that he has made complaints against Rosenberg to Gyllenhaal in the past and he appreciated the efforts he made to correct it even though he was “disappointed that the results were merely temporary.” Gordon says that he is confident that Gyllenhaal will investigate his complaint. — LC

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