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Where the Nazis met

The location of the neo-Nazi meeting in Greensboro (withheld in the Sunday edition of the News & Record) was La Quinta, Editor John Robinson has disclosed on his blog. Robinson’s blog — and Ed Cone’s —was inundated with comments from readers about the merits of that decision. One take comes from a poster identified as “newkid”: “How was the name of the hotel relevant? Look at your stories in the week leading up to the event, filled with uncertainty and speculation about the location of the event — the very subject that you censored when you found the answer.… [I]f protesters wanted to confront the neo-Nazi group at that location, they had the right to know as well. Would that more people had stood up to the previous incarnation of Nazis in Germany before the Second World War!” But one of the most ardent defenders of suppressing the information is reporter Joe Killian, who worked on the story. “There’s another journalism 101 concept that’s pretty damned important …: Sometimes your choice to put one thing or another in the newspaper can get people hurt or killed.” — JG

Vegas mandate

Fresh off my return from Las Vegas comes news that Senate Majority Leader Harry Reid (D-Nev.) put the evil eye on the Las Vegas Review- Journal at a Las Vegas Chamber of Commerce meet and greet. During a handshaking session, reported the R-J, Sen. Reid laid his grip on the paper’s director of advertising, Bob Brown, and said, “I hope you go out of business.” It happened on Wednesday, which was the same day during my Las Vegas trip that I learned from an R-J staffer the paper’s unofficial motto: “Afflict the afflicted,” adopted in the newsroom after an editorial stance against lifesaving dialysis treatments for “illegals” ran earlier in the month. — BC