white noise

white noise


Just heating up at press time is the hoofaraw at Ed Cone’s blog ( about News & Record columnist Charles Davenport’s Sunday piece in which he slings some assumptions about Nazis, liberals and socialism. The big players here are perennial Davenport haters Cone and Roch101, who double-team upstart brandonB, a serial commenter who boasts a mean contrarian streak. What is it about Nazis that gets people so riled up? — BC


Last month fashion magazine Elle extended an offer of an internship to Brianna Karp, a 24-year-old homeless person who had been living in a trailer in a Wal-Mart parking lot in Brea, Calif. E Jean Carroll, the magazine’s advice columnist, offered her the job, which pays about $150 a month and is the type of plum internship usually reserved for Ivy League J-school grads and the socially well connected. Fortunately, Karp won’t have to relocate to New York City, where Elle is headquartered and $150 a month won’t buy a parking space. In related news, YES! Weekly is still actively seeking an intern for the fall and winter. It is, alas, an unpaid position. Hit me up at if you’re interested. — BC