white noise

by Brian Clarey

white noise

On safari

To steal an oft-used phrase from Rhinoceros Times Editor John Hammer, for the first time anyone can remember, the Rhino Times had an advertisement on its front page, this one for Greensboro mayoral candidate Bill Knight. The ad, a seemingly inoffensive sixth of a page banner across the bottom of Page 1, is remarkable only for its placement. I’m pretty sure Hammer once wrote in the Rhino that there would never be an advertisement on the front page of his paper, but research proved fruitless due to the fact that the paper’s internet archive only goes back one year, to Sept. 14, 2008. An ad on the front page, I suppose, can be forgiven — as long as every other candidate has an opportunity to be there as well, in accordance with NC elections law. But a newspaper having an internet archive that only goes back one year… well that just ain’t right. — BC