white noise

by YES! Weekly staff


The lines get blurry out there in FoxNation, apparently, between reporting and activism. Video posted on The Huffington Post website on Sept. 19 shows a woman identified as Fox News producer Heidi Noonan waving her arms to the crowd behind reporter Griff Jenkins at the Sept. 12 big-umbrella conservative protest in Washington, as if to urge them to cheer louder. The Huffington Post quoted Fox News Channel Washington Bureau Chief Bryan Broughton as saying, “The employee is a young, relatively inexperienced producer who realizes she made a mistake and has been disciplined. Jenkins, whose dispatch was received by Glenn Beck — himself a champion of the protest — sounded like he was doing a little rallying of his own: “Glenn, they are old, they’re young, they’re black, they’re white, they’re male, they’re female, they’re farmers, they’re miners, they’re doctors, they’re stay-at-home moms, they are nurses. And they are, for the most part, coming out for the first time in their lives to have their voices heard. This is, as best I can describe it, an absolute grassroots movement. This is an uprising. And we are at the beginning of a political movement.” — JG


Earlier this week The New York Times reported on the Budget of Sugarcreek, Ohio, a weekly newspaper that serves the national Amish community, as it progresses to an online entity. The task, a selfassigned one, was undertaken by Welsh journalist who interned this summer at the Budget, Jessica Best. “It is difficult to explain a website to someone who hasn’t seen one.” But it seems that the paper has more in common with modern journalism than you’d think. The bulk of the paper is written by “scribes,” unpaid correspondents throughout the community, who report on the weather, the health of family members and… I don’t know… bonnet styles? The paper gets about 500 such letters a week, making it very much like the Huffington Post, except, you know, with more original reporting. — BC

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