white noise

by Brian Clarey and Jordan Green

Blogfight of the week

It’s been a while since we’ve seen a blogfight of this magnitude, where two heavyweights square off over several days in multiple arenas. For a time there we were almost convinced that the blogosphere had turned a corner in terms of conflict resolution. But then Fecund Stench, AKA Jeff Martin, and Dr. Mary Johnson had to go at it bareknuckled over the course of a weekend. This one, folks, is a doozy. It began Nov. 10 on Fec’s blog, Vie de Malchance in a thread regarding former Greensboro water conservation manager Mike Baron and his claim that the Randleman Dam is basically a scam. Johnson then unleashed a screed 3,600 words long on her blog, Dr. Mary’s House Calls, on Thursday. By Friday the mess had spilled over to the blog of Dr. Joe Guarino. The ensuing melee, which as of press time is still on low boil, has involved multiple posts, allegations of cyberstalking and — if you believe what you read on a blog — the Randolph County Sheriff’s Department. It’s a good read, if you’re into psychotic serial nonfiction, but be warned that the total word count is approaching the 10,000 mark. — BC

Confirmation that reporters are criminal and evil

Moises Mendoza, the reporter at the Houston Chronicle, wants everybody to know that he is not Moises Sandoval Mendoza, the serial killer on Texas’ death row. Not only do they share the same name but their dates of birth are 15 days apart, reporter Mendoza writes in the Nov. 14 edition of the Chronicle. Reporter Mendoza writes that he occasionally receives angry e-mails from Chronicle readers, including one that called him a “stupid killer” and said he should rot with the devil. It’s hard to see how any reader could conclude that a newspaper would have an incarcerated killer on their staff. For one thing, it’s hard to carry out your assignments from behind bars. At YES! Weekly I’m pretty sure we would milk such an arrangement for all the publicity it was worth. — JG