white noise

by Brian Clarey and Jordan Green

white noise

News and views from inside the media bubble

Reporting that is too close for comfort

News & Record reporter Joe Killian applied his vocational skills in the most important way — comforting those who love him and count on him, and lending meaning to events that confound understanding — when he gave the eulogy for his grandfather, Kenneth Martin Rose Sr., and his uncle, Kenneth Martin Rose Jr., who were lost at sea off the coast of Cape May, NJ on Nov. 11. “I volunteered to go to the house my grandfather and uncle shared, to put things in order,” Killian wrote in the eulogy. “All the women here tonight can imagine what sort of task this was simply by picturing, just for a moment, how their men might live without women. But don’t pity me too much. It was really selfish of me. I did it because it needed to be done — but also because I needed to do it. I needed to sort through the lives of these men I loved, to follow the trails of their daily lives — mostly crumbs and crumpled magazines. I wanted to remember, maybe even to discover things I’d never known about them.” — JG

Out-of-market scoop

A great news story about influence, action and the sausage-making of political appointments that took place right here in Greensboro was uncovered this week by… the Raleigh News & Observer? Yep, N&O Washington correspondent Barbara Barrett scooped us all from more than 300 miles away. The story concerns Sen. Kay Hagan, Greensboro attorney Locke Clifford — who is apparently a friend of her husband’s — and the fact that the 4 th Circuit Court of Appeals has just a single North Carolina judge among its 15 seated jurists. Clifford’s notion went through Hagan’s husband, Chip, also an attorney, and then wended through the senator and then reached the oversize ears of President Obama, who in short order named two North Carolina judges, James Wynn and Albert Diaz, to the court, which the journalist Barrett reminds us is “a step below the US Supreme Court.” Good news all around, we suppose, except for the news organizations that got beat to the story. Either way it’s worth a read at — BC