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by Jordan Green

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Manly internet musings in the Greensboro blogosphere

Greensboro blogger Joe Guarino, who wields a fearsome virtual pen to the detriment of any conservative or Republican politician who strays beyond his orthodoxy, may have filed the first report on the Greensboro City Council retreat that took place on Dec. 11-12, with the possible exception of the News & Record’s Amanda Lehmert. A pretty good scoop for a guy that wasn’t even there. Guarino’s post included the sensational headline: “Disturbing Developments at City Council Retreat: Zack Matheny Reported to Have Threatened New Mayor.” For anyone envisioning the 36-year-old District 3 rep stalking the new mayor with a tire iron in the parking lot of the Center for Creative Leadership, it’s not quite that exciting. The alleged offense was that Matheny reportedly approached Knight after the meeting and threatened to muster five votes to overturn Knight’s liaison appointments if he didn’t get reassigned to the War Memorial Commission. (Matheny says the story is completely untrue.) Guarino is obviously outraged and wounded by what has transpired. “The spectre of Matheny sticking it to a kindly man like Bill Knight, a man twice his age, is an ugly reminder of what Greensboro politics has been all about,” Guarino writes. Commenter Doc Alexander injects some testosterone into the discourse by expressing confidence that Knight is more than enough match for Matheny: “Maybe Bill Knight should suggest they step outside and settle things man to man.” Is there a provision for that in Roberts Rules of Order? — JG