white noise

by Jordan Green


Three pastors associated with the Pulpit Forum demonstrated before the ribbon cutting at the International Civil Rights Center & Museum on Feb. 1, brandishing a manifesto and shouting, “We cannot wait.” There’s a lot to unpack in their bill of particulars, which includes the treatment of Greensboro police Officer AJ Blake, allegations of racial discrimination made by 39 black officers, the gang unit’s treatment of the Latin Kings and the Klan-Nazi shootings of ’79 among them. But one item in particular grabbed my attention. The manifesto, which bears the names of the Revs. Cardes Brown,

News and views from inside the media bubble Gregory Headen and Nelson Johnson, and that of Jibreel Khazan, calls for a boycott of Rhinoceros Times advertisers: “The Rhinoceros Times and the damage it is doing must be challenged: All who advertise with the Rhinoceros Times are unwittingly complicit with the division, confusion and hatred this media source is fermenting in our area. We, therefore, call upon all who advertise with the Rhinoceros Times to withdraw their advertisement. Further, we call upon the citizens of Greensboro and the surrounding area to organize a selective buying campaign and cease buying from businesses that continue to advertise with the Rhinoceros Times.” — JG