white noise

by Jordan Green

News and views from inside the media bubble


So I’ve been out of town for a week or so, pretty much cut off from all the media happenings, so it wasn’t until Saturday night that I tuned in to a monster thread on Ed Cone’s Word Up blog ( emanating from an initial post that cracked on Va. Gov. Bob McDonnell, who wanted to reinstate Confederate History Month with all the nasty parts about slavery carefully excised. The thread, which was initiated last Wednesday, April 7, has now exceeded 150 comments elicited from amateur historians, actual scholars, general loudmouths, furious inquisitors and every combination thereof. If you read just one comment thread all year, this is the one for you. If there is a protagonist, it’s got to be Ian McDowell (disclosure: he is a contributor to YES! Weekly) who trots out historical documentation to assert that slavery was at the core of secession, which our old friend Bubba discounts as “cherry picked” information. Nut quote by bystander Rob Cooper: “How can one dismiss the Constitution of the Confederate States of America and various declarations of secession as anecdotal evidence in a debate about the Civil War?” It’s got everything: pompous windbaggery, logic in the face of ignorance, tangential argumentation, cameo potshots (good one, Hoggard!), boiled seafood and even an invitation to duel. It is an instant classic. The only question that remains is how to divvy up the movie-rights money.