white noise

by Jordan Green


An April 16 entry on the Conservatives for Guilford County Facebook page urging early voting, and pledging “a voter cheat sheet” to help process the candidates, elicited dozens of comments. The discussion quickly turned to a squabble over which candidates in North Carolina’s 6 th Congressional District deserved the Tea Party movement’s support. Among the six candidates on the ballot, commenters favored incumbent Howard Coble and challengers Billy Yow and Dr. James Taylor. Midway through the thread, the discussion turns to a brewing tension between the Tea Party and the Guilford County Republican Party. Don Wendelken asked whether the Tea Party movement would ask people to vote

News and views from inside the media bubble Republican in November or vote for candidates across party lines who will support a conservative agenda. Enter Guilford County Republican Party Executive Director Tony Wilkins: “Are you asking if this c4gc group, using GOP resources, would endorse a DEM or UNA? Surely not, that wouldn’t be ethical would it?” Another questions follows from Brandon Riley: “Is C4GC using GOP resources?” To which former county party chairman Marcus Kindley asks, “If you are using the GOP’s playbooks for precinct development, and sit on the executive committee, then aren’t you indeed using their resources?” Wendelken replies, “We believe a great option for conservative Americans is to politically engage through the GOP (specifically as precinct chairs).”