white noise

by Brian Clarey

News and views from inside the media bubble


Has anyone else noticed the surge of comely young ladies claiming association with the Tea Party actively seeking out friends on Facebook? I’ve had a few propositions in the past month or so, but I noticed a pattern with Victoria Arterton, who I’m reasonably sure doesn’t exist because her high school, listed as “Greensboro High School,” and her job, which she names as NC State Tea Party Coordinator, don’t exist. All of her photos except for one are stock photography, and she listed one of her activities as “masterbating.” Another Facebooker, Nicole Gilmore, poses naked for her profile pic save for an American flag draped over one shoulder. She says she went to “Greensboro High School East” and, inexplicably, has one photo in common with Arterton: a pool shot of girls in bikinis and douchey guys posing behind them. Based non grammatical and spelling errors on the sites, I believe the true author is one person, a guy who sometimes runs for office around here and has a history of this kind of thing. But this new tack is working. Among those Arterton and Gilmore have friended are local journalists, local candidates, local elected officials, local business owners, local artists and at least one YES! Weekly employee, all of whom are complete suckers, IMHO. — BC