white noise

by Brian Clarey

The way you feel about the mosque planned for a space near Ground Zero in Lower Manhattan says more about your knowledge of the country’s history than your capacity for tolerance. If you’re one who believes — erroneously, I should add — that the country was intended to be a Christian nation, then your outrage about the mosque and desire to see it thwarted is understandable, however misinformed that desire may be. Truth is, the nation was founded on religious freedom, which means that however you feel about this mosque, if you understand the Constitution and all the individual and public rights it grants, then you must support it — or, at least, stop trying to derail its construction. But there’s nothing un-American about Fox News personality Greg Gutfield’s plan for the space adjacent to the mosque site: The “Red Eye” host said on his blog that he plans to open a gay bar there that will cater to Islamic homosexuals with an entire floor that serves non-alcoholic drinks. Funny, sure, but Gutfield expressly says that “this is not a joke.” How it will affect his career at Fox, which has not always been friendly to the gay community, remains to be seen. — Brian Clarey