white noise

by Brian Clarey


Everybody knew, when the Supreme Court decided earlier this year to lift the cap on corporate and union political campaign contributions, that we would see some heavy action from the big-money boys as Election Day loomed closer. And really, no one should have been surprised when News Corp, the conglomerate owned by Rupert Murdoch under which falls Fox News and the Wall Street Journal, among other entities, kicked in $1 million to the Republican Governors Association. The company is well within its (newly won) rights here, though it does seem to betray Fox News’ “fair and balanced” slogan. Perhaps after wearing its biased agenda on its sleeve like this, the network is tacitly acknowledging its political leanings. Either way, it neatly illustrates the potential for conflict of interest that the Supreme Court decision will facilitate. But it deftly skirts the fear some Americans felt after the decision took hold — namely that American politics will now be funded largely by foreign companies — News Corp shareholders voted in 2004 to relocate company headquarters from South Australia to Delaware.