white noise

by Jordan Green

News and views from inside the media bubble


As a progressive journo interested in exploring technological innovations in delivering news to citizens, you would think that the Huffington Post would be my new model. Instead it sums up all the inward-looking, self-reinforcing trends I hate the most about the media. Let’s start with the blaring headline in Tuesday’s edition, “The kid is back,” which introduces a fawning photo slideshow of President Obama’s visit to Indonesia. Then, center page features a box proclaiming, “Conan returns: Watch his first monologue.” Sure, lots of lefty readers enjoy Conan O’Brien’s comedy, but do we really need HuffPost to provide the portal? Below, an unending scroll of headlines fairly drip derision towards conservative figures: “Rand Paul flip-flops, says he’ll fight for earmarks he promised to ban,” “Bachmann: ‘I’m a big girl,’” “Rick Perry’s problems with America,” “Palin lashes out at Wall Street Journal, misquotes story,” ad nauseam. Did we really learn anything useful here? And finally the item my editor called to my attention: HuffPost’s new divorce section. Clarey and I agree that supporting gay people’s interest in marriage would do a heck of a lot more to shore up the institution than advising heterosexuals on how to break up. The goal of the new section, Arianna Huffington says, “is to produce a fast, fearless, highly interactive guide to the profound changes divorce brings.” I guess at least the new feature is consistent with the rest of the publication’s recurring theme of progressive solipsism.