white noise

by Brian Clarey

News and views from inside the media bubble 

Okay, I’ll admit it: Sometimes, when I’m doing my news gathering for the day, I’ll pass by to see what the angsty New York types have dredged up from the rumor mill. And I’ll admit something else: I sometimes comment on Gawker — though, admittedly, not in about a year or so, and never with the kind of traction that a Cajun Boy or a Glasgow Rose routinely got. And now, because I wanted to say something snarky way back in 2007, my entire internet life has become vulnerable. Gawker and its compendium of sites that include Gizmodo, Jezebel and Lifehack have been hacked, and all registered commenters’ e-mails and passwords, some 1.4 million of them, have been posted on the internet. And though I can’t remember what my password was for Gawker, it’s likely that it is similar — or even identical — to the passwords I use for other sites and accounts. Fabulous. So screw you, Gawker, and the hackers you pissed off (rumors are that it was the ruffians at 4chan who did it). You’ll have to do without the wit and wisdom of YesMan from here on out.