white noise

by Christian Bryant

News and views from inside the media bubble


According to Kevin Cullen at the Boston Globe, former New Hampshire Union Leader sportswriter Kevin Provencher was sentenced to 2.5 years in jail after being found guilty on prostitution charges Friday. Cullen penned that this was particularly surprising because “Provencher was no journalistic slouch; he was a four-time New Hampshire Sportswriter of the Year.” In yet another tale of budget-slashing newspapers, Provencher claimed that a pay cut at the Union Leader led him to take his talents to escort-services management instead of something more legitimate. Details of the crime revealed that Provencher used Craigslist, a free web listing service, and other sites to advertise his business. When women responded to the ad, Provencher would hold “try-outs” in the hotel room before hiring them. He would then take a cut of the escorts’ earnings and require them to pay for the room. Before his 2009 arrest, Provencher was a sportswriter at the Union Leader for 23 years. Essex District Attorney Jonathan Blodgett was quoted saying “It doesn’t escape me that he used his journalistic skills, and Craigslist, to run a prostitution business. It leaves me shaking my head.”