white noise

by Brian Clarey

News and views from inside the media bubble 


According to his own Facebook feed, Greensboro attorney, blogger and onetime candidate for Guilford County Commission Sam Spagnola has been banned from the Facebook page for 101.1 WZTK’s “Brad and Britt Show.” On his own page, Spagnola says, “Brad knows that he banned me because he couldn’t win the argument.” Brad Krantz, co-host of the show, addressed the issue in a lengthy comment on their page stating, among other things, that it was Spagnola’s cantankerous, confrontational style, i.e. “injecting ad hominem/false equivalency/ continuous demands for ‘balance’ over and over again” that got him 86ed. Writes Krantz, “The problem with this is that neither Britt nor I can spend 24 hours a day here, and his crap unanswered appears as if he is ‘winning’ these arguments. It would seem that a bright, well-educated guy like Sam would know the ropes of propriety well enough. I was wrong.” Of course, this is not the first time Spags has been disinvited to an online forum. Greensboro blogger Ed Cone banned him from his blog, Word Up, in June 2009.