white noise

by Jordan Green

News and views from inside the media bubble 


The NC General Assembly under Republican control is a flurry of activity these days — political strategist Carter Wrenn, most famous for his work on behalf of Jesse Helms, has characterized their activity as “politics to make the Gilded Age proud” — but hard and detailed information out here in the hinterlands is rather scarce. One example is fracking, a process by which fluid is used to fracture rocks and recover deposits of natural gas, that is under consideration in North Carolina. Some friends at church were asking how they could find out more about what lawmakers in Raleigh are doing with regards to this controversial extraction process. True, the News & Record’s Raleigh reporter, Mark Binker writes from time to time about the subject, but for my money the best coverage is on Ed Cone’s blog at fracking-nc.html. Sure, there is a hint of advocacy in Cone’s coverage, but it’s well rounded and informative. A lunch meeting last month that included Rockingham County Republican activist Jeff Sykes and avowed progressive Steve Harrison had goal that also sums up the blog’s approach to the topic: “creating a grassroots group to inform and organize North Carolinians as the possibility of fracking grows stronger in our state.”