white noise

by Jordan Green


People who make any effort whatsoever to keep in touch with the office of US Rep. Howard Coble, the Republican who represents North Carolina’s 6 th Congressional District, will know that Ed McDonald, chief of staff and press secretary, is absolutely indispensable for his operation.

Like his boss, Ed is an amiable guy and extremely responsive. And almost as an extension of his boss, McDonald uses humor to disarm opponents and maintain relationships with supporters.

As the person responsible for the congressman’s press releases, Ed has a way of framing a story that makes even the best journalist powerless to resist his advances. Take this lede in a recent notice about Coble’s embrace of social media:

“Even though he refers to himself as an ‘AM guy in an FM world,’ US Rep. Howard Coble (R-NC) announced today that he has decided to join the new media world by launching his own congressional Facebook and Twitter pages.”

The postings, which will be managed by Rebecca Potts in the congressman’s main district office in Greensboro, will have a practical purpose. They’ll include items such as State Department travel advisories and other useful information for constituents.

As with any politician, Coble wants to be “liked” on Facebook and “followed” on Twitter.

“I may be an AM guy in an FM world,” Coble says in the press release’s punch line, “or maybe I am an analog guy in a digital world, but I appreciate the importance of being connected digitally to our constituents.”