white noise

by Brian Clarey

Greensboro 2.0

Visitors to the city of Greensboro’s new website — still the same old URL at — are treated to a home page slide show that includes an autumnal water shot, a vista of the view from NewBridge Bank Park, a Revolutionary War re-creation, a lone kayaker on a steaming lake bed, the fountains at Center City Park, the façade of the Civil Rights Museum and a group shot of the city council that makes At-Large Representative Robbie Perkins look a little nit like Frankenstein’s monster. It’s a little busy, but there are additions like links to area traffic cameras, high-profile events and meetings calendars, a “Greensboro Goes Green” page that should sufficiently enrage the climate change deniers among us and a portal to pay city bills. But apart from a few new bells and whistles, the content is pretty much the same, and streaming a city council meeting on video is still a hassle if you like to skip the boring parts