white noise

by Brian Clarey


Fellow AAN member paper the Houston Press ran a feature on its website titled “4 brilliant authors and why they’re douchebags.” Topping the list is Triad-based author and Rhinoceros Times columnist Orson Scott Card, whose sci-fi novels Ender’s Game and Speaker for the Dead both won Hugo and Nebula awards. The piece admits that Ender’s Game “may be the greatest tale of youth since To Kill a Mockingbird,” but then takes Card to task for his views on homo- sexuality. “Orson Scott Card would very much like you to take up armed rebellion and violently overthrow any state that legalizes gay marriage, or recognizes gay unions as anything other than the sinniest sin that ever sinned a sin,” the piece reads. For the record, every exchange I personally have had with Card has been cordial and pleasant. But then, I’m not gay.