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News comes from the blog of Greensboro’s Dr. Joe Guarino of a new publication which may be starting in Guilford County in response to political coverage by the Rhinoceros Times during the recent city council election, with which Guarino finds fault. The new online publication, which Guarino says will be called the Guilford Guardian, will be shepherded by former News & Record community columnist (and sometimes YES! Weekly contributor) Charles Davenport, with local conservatives including Guarino slated to contribute. “[I]t is clear that local conservatives and Republicans need to have another perspective regarding local politics,” Guarino writes. “The Rhino’s contributions are appreciated, but it represents its own brand of conservatism.” He hedges his bets by stating that the pub is in its planning stages, and “there is no guarantee it will happen.” But hey — that’s the journalism business these days. No guarantees. — BC