white noise

by Jordan Green

News and views from inside the media bubble


Recent months have seen a further iteration in the fragmentation of Greensboro’s media ecology. We can only welcome the trend, being that we’re part of it: In 2005, YES! Weekly launched, adding another media voice to a mix generally consisting of the News & Record, Rhinoceros Times and the embryonic local blogosphere. (In 2007, we expanded into Forsyth County, but that’s another story.) We can now add to the mix the Greensboro Guardian and Avant Greensboro, online publications that cater to unique constituencies that until now have been underserved. It’s tempting to contrast the two publications by political ideology, but that misses the point. The Guardian candidly describes itself as “an online refuge for the hacked and battered traditionalist, whose principles are under siege, it seems, from every corner of a degenerate culture.” In contrast to the Guardian’s defensive posture, Avant is voraciously outward looking, aiming “to give a mosaic narrative by writers, community leaders and regular folks alike, in hopes of making Greensboro a more connected, cultural place to live.” Other contrasts: The homepage of the Guardian is an explainer; Avant’s site opens with a Vimeo video feature in the upper-right corner side by side with a “Top Story” feature (recent entry: “Reminiscing the Physical Occupation”) — in other words, there are multiple and fresh points of entry. The Guardian’s sections include Columns, Opinion, Editorials, Features and Life — and I can’t for the life of me tell one from the other. Avant offers a mélange of sections, including Sights, Sounds, Eatsboro and Sports. Welcome to the potluck.