white noise

by Jordan Green


“Seventy percent of citizens here in Greensboro support the Marriage Protection Amendment, as cited by Public Policy Polling,” Rachel Lee, communications director for Vote for Marriage NC, told the Greensboro City Council on Feb. 7. “So your actions here tonight in considering this amendment, if you do pass it, will be against the will of your constituency.”

It didn’t sound right, and didn’t sway the majority of council members, who voted 8 to 1 to oppose the amendment.

Kudos to bloggers Ed Cone and Roch Smith News and views from inside the media bubble for fact-checking the claim. As it turned out, the source was the poll was conducted by right-leaning Civitas rather than the left-leaning Public Policy Polling, and the poll was conducted in Charlotte rather than Greensboro.

The morning after the vote, our staff had a discussion about how fact-checking the claim would be an important service to our readership. I had published a live-blog entry to document the discussion of the city council vote, but I was playing catch-up when Lee made her comments. Turns out we were a little late on this one.