white noise

by Jordan Green

‘They are the agenda’

Frank Eaton, a Winston-Salem videographer and Democratic Party activist, has raised YouTube as a political communications tool to an art form. The day after the passage of the marriage amendment he had a video ready to go in which he urged opponents to identify legislators that supported the ballot initiative and work to defeat them in November. In the meantime, Eaton mounted a campaign for chairman of the state party. He never got to declare his candidacy because the executive committee, meeting in Greensboro, voted not to accept Chairman David Parker’s resignation.

News and views from inside the media bubble Eaton’s next video, “The Speech I Didn’t Give” — complete with a sylvan background and soothing piano music — makes his feelings about the matter plain: “We arrived in Greensboro with ideas to unite the party and solutions to move things forward. What we found instead was a sentiment among some that elected Democrats like Bev Perdue and Barack Obama and Walter Dalton were trying to hijack the agenda of the state Democratic Party. Elected Democrats do not dictate the agenda. They are the agenda. Electing them to office is our reason for being.”