white noise

by Jordan Green


• Billionaire Warren Buffett bought 63 Media General Inc. properties last week, including the Winston-Salem Journal and a handful of other papers throughout the state. Buffett, the chairman of Berkshire Hathaway, said in a statement that local newspapers are the most important institution for places with a strong sense of community. The deal will be finalized in the end of June. Berkshire Hathaway is the largest stakeholder in the Washington Post and recently acquired seven daily newspapers in Nebraska and Iowa.

• New York Post columnist Andrea Peyser drew criticism after taking a shot at Greensboro as part of her commentary of the John Edwards trial.

“Yesterday, testimony in Edwards’ federal trial, which has nauseated and captivated

News and views from inside the media bubble this derelict Southern town of Greensboro for weeks, sputtered to an unsatisfying end,” she wrote on May 17.

People have speculated about what “derelict” is supposed to mean in this context, but locals seem to agree that Peyser’s choice words are insulting. Greensboro is not New York and never aspired to be, but there is no debate that the city doesn’t qualify as a town, and plenty of people find Peyser’s condescending remarks more nauseating than the trial.

• The New York Post had a number of people on the ground, hiring a few locals to help cover the verdict of the trial including YES! Weekly’s Eric Ginsburg. As of press time, the jury had not reached a verdict on the six counts facing the former presidential candidate.