white noise

by Jordan Green


We can’t help but be fascinated with how others see us — particularly in Greensboro, where we live with the public black eye of Nov. 3, 1979, a signature episode of intolerance. A couple weeks ago, we all enjoyed being outraged by a sloppy and condescending knock by a New York Post reporter about how the Edwards trial has “nauseated and captivated” our “derelict Southern town.” A profile last week in the New York Times of Replacements

News and views from inside the media bubble Limited CEO Bob Page offers up a more nuanced and satisfying reflection. The story chronicles how Page and his company stood alone among North Carolina for-profit corporations that took a public stand against the marriage amendment, and how Replacements Limited paid a price in hostile letters and e-mails from customers canceling their business. But 786 comments under the Times story, including many readers in the New York metro area who said they applauded Page’s courage, suggest that Replacements Limited might make up the lost business.